Intimetec Hiring DevOps Engineers 2+yrs
Intimetec Hiring DevOps Engineers 2+yrs

Intimetec Hiring DevOps Engineers 2+yrs

Location: Jaipur / Bangalore



  • It is preferred that candidates hold an M. Tech or B.Tech degree.
  • Certifications at the Associate and above levels are required. Please do not apply if you are not certified.
  • familiarity with CI/CD process automation through the use of Gitlab, Jenkins, CircleCI, Azure Pipeline, and GIT.
  • familiarity with cloud native automation tools like Azure Resource Manager and AWS Cloud Formation, as well as the AWS and Azure platforms.
  • Use Docker to manage containerized apps and guarantee best practices for resource usage and performance.
  • Install and manage Kubernetes clusters to orchestrate containers.
  • familiarity with monitoring platforms including Splunk, Nagios, Zabbix, ELK Stack, and Prometheus
  • Administration and deployment of Web servers and application servers.
  • Effective teamwork, problem-solving, creativity, work ethics, and good communication.
  • Four years or more of work experience is required for the following positions. Please do not apply if you lack the necessary experience.Any cloud service provider (OpenStack, Azure, AWS)
  • Must have prior management expertise overseeing data integration, cloud migration, and consolidation from on-premises to cloud data architectures.Any of the configuration management tools (Powershell DSC, Terraform, Chef, Ansible, and Puppet)Programming languages (such as PHP, Python, Shell, and Bash)
  • Debugg and troubleshoot operating system and network infrastructure problems.
  • database management
  • Strong communication abilities both in writing and verbally, as well as the capacity to manage several projects under strict deadlines.

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