Eplus Hiring DevOps Engineers-2+yr
Eplus Hiring DevOps Engineers-2+yr

Eplus Hiring DevOps Engineers-2+yr

ePlus is a reputable industry leader that puts the needs of its clients first and works to secure, modernize, optimize, and grow all facets of an organization’s IT infrastructure. We have supported more than 4,300 global clients for more than 30 years as they have navigated an ever-more complicated and changing IT, regulatory, and personnel environment. With the support of an unmatched pool of technical specialists, over 5,000 certifications and accreditations, leading industry acknowledgment, and an unwavering dedication to innovation for the benefit of all we serve, ePlus produces genuinely revolutionary outcomes. We accomplish these goals by providing superior security, cloud, and managed services, which include data migration, hosting, and management, in addition to data center, networking, and communication skills. It always starts with our clients in mind and consists of equal parts strategy, execution, and outcomes. Every single day. Each and every day.

Job Role

DevOps engineers are in charge of implementing integrations, detecting production problems, and releasing product changes. Having a strong foundation in software engineering, you will collaborate with developers to make sure software is developed according to set procedures and functions as intended.

Job Requirements:

  • a background in DevOps engineering.
  • competence with the GitHub and Git procedures.
  • solid proficiency with Python or Ruby.
  • working familiarity with SQL and databases.
  • approach to problem-solving.
  • cooperative spirit of teamwork.
  • Google Cloud Platform experience.
  • Create and deploy new infrastructure and development tools.
  • Investigate methods to enhance and automate release and development processes.
  • Analyze and test code produced by others, then review the findings.
  • Make sure that against cybersecurity threats, systems are safe and secure.
  • Determine technical issues and create updates and solutions for software.
  • Assist software engineers and developers in making sure that software is developed according to set procedures and functions as planned.
  • Install updates, make repairs, and offer Level 2 technical assistance.
  • Create tools to lessen the likelihood of mistakes.
  • Analyze production errors’ underlying causes and fix technological problems.
  • Write scripts to handle visualization automation.
  • Create protocols for system upkeep and troubleshooting.

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