AssetMantle Hiring DevOps Engineers-1yr
AssetMantle Hiring DevOps Engineers-1yr

AssetMantle Hiring DevOps Engineers-1yr

The next-generation asset tokenization platform for enterprises (B2B) is being developed by AssetMantle. Real World Assets (RWAs), Web3 Native Assets (cryptos, collectibles, stables), and Digital Assets (web2 to web3) are all included in our assessment. Additionally, we have a stack of Self Sovereign Identities (SSI) based on Web3, which serves as a common identity for all of your assets. We are currently developing the assetization layer for businesses for whom we have signed deals.

Requirements that the job posting added

  • one or more years of experience using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for work
  • one or more years of experience working for Docker Products

Job Description:

This is a full-time position as a DevOps Engineer with AssetMantle in Bengaluru, with the possibility of working remotely on occasion. Your daily responsibilities as a DevOps Engineer will include using Linux-based systems, implementing and managing Infrastructure as Code (IaC), setting up cloud services, guaranteeing continuous integration, and administering system software. As the infrastructure supporting the many web3 products needs to be improved and maintained, you will be in charge of making sure it is secure, scalable, and highly available.

  • familiarity with Ethereum, Cosmos SDK, or any other blockchain node administration (RPC/gRPC/REST)
  • CICD: Vercel, Github Actions, Optional: Cloud: AWS, GCP, Hetzner, Vercel; Circle CI, Drone CI, Jenkins; Gitlab
  • Containerization: Kubernetes, Docker (buildx and buildkit), Multi-architecture OCI container image is optional.
  • Proxy: Caddy, Nginx, HAProxy is optional. Traefik
  • Prometheus, Monitoring & Visualization Grafana Terraform, HCL, HashiStack, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Other Operations: Linux, NginX, Git, Dockerize, Molecule, LDAP, OpenAPI, SSH, TLS/HTTPS, Route53, OIDC, CA, and Optional: Foreman, Tailscale, Headscale, Artifactory, Make & CMake, Podman/Buildah/Skopeo, Wireguard, NetMaker

Experience with CI/CD pipelines, expertise with blockchain technologies, proficiency with scripting languages (e.g., Python, Bash), and certification in applicable DevOps tools or platforms are among the key skills and qualifications that would be helpful for this post.

Intrested candidates can apply here: CLICK HERE


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