Amdocs Is Hiring DevOps Engineer -1
Amdocs Is Hiring DevOps Engineer -1

Amdocs Is Hiring DevOps Engineer -1


  • knowledgeable about continuous deployment on the most widely used cloud computing platforms (OpenShift, AWS, Azure, and/or GCP), automated configuration management, knowledge of continuous integration tools (Jenkins, BitBucket, Nexus), and familiarity with a number of third-party tools (Postgres, Cassandra, Helm, Groovy, Nagios, Liquidbase, Couchbase)
  • 1 to 2 years of configuration and infrastructure-as-code experience-as-code, incorporating one or more tools: Chef, Ansible, CloudFormation, Puppet, SaltStack, Terragrunt, and Terraform; 2-3 years of expertise developing scripts; plus, familiarity with one or more common programming languages (Python, Groovy, Bash)
  • Practical knowledge of developing, releasing, deploying, and keeping an eye on cloud-based scalable distributed systems
  • well-versed in service-oriented systems and RedHat or other Linux distributions
    Working knowledge of agile development environments
  • 1 to 2 years’ practical experience debugging major life cycle management tools (e.g., BitBucket, Jenkins, Nexus, Artifactory, OCP, Sonar, AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.)
  • Working understanding of setting up and implementing high availability, load balancing, TLS, and cluster/hybrid production-like environments
  • Location: Pune

Interested candidates can Apply: CLICK HERE




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