ACA Group Hiring DevOps Engineers-2+yr
ACA Group Hiring DevOps Engineers-2+yr

ACA Group Hiring DevOps Engineers-2+yr

The DevOps Engineer is in charge of setting up and maintaining the DevOps environment and infrastructure for the cloud software developed by ACA Group (“ACA”).

The person in this role must comprehend the IT vision and strive to make it a reality. The individual would be in charge of figuring out how to incorporate fresh departmental ideas into their regular tasks. This role requires a self-starter that strives to increase their own productivity and makes spontaneous recommendations for more significant advancements.

in support of DevOp Systems. timely and high-quality completion of duties as delegated, with some supervision and help from others.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field
  • two or more years of expert hands-on experience with AWS to create cloud-based applications and manage a multi-tenant SaaS platform.
  • Docker, Linux, nginx, PowerShell, AWS CLI, or AWS Tools for PowerShell
  • Previous experience developing large-scale web apps using any combination of Java, C#, Python, Flutter, ASP.NET, MVC, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery, Knockout, Angular, React), REST, SQL Server (TSQL), MongoDB, and Dynamo
  • Knowledge of and expertise with IoC containers like StructureMap, TDD, NuGet, Git, and ReSharper
  • TeamCity and the Atlassian Cloud (JIRA and Confluence)

Job Description:

  • Apply the core ideas of the Well Architected Framework to help manage, architect, and build the cloud software infrastructure and DevOps environment.
  • Reduce the infrastructure overhead and assist in moving the company toward serverless functionality.
  • Oversee the development toolset, which includes integrated development environments, code repositories, test runners, artifact hosting, and automated release procedures, to empower developers.
  • Use the fundamental concepts of the Well Architected Framework to assist in the management, architecture, and construction of the DevOps environment and cloud software infrastructure.
  • Cut down on infrastructure overhead and help the business transition to serverless functionality.
  • To empower developers, manage the development toolset, which consists of code repositories, integrated development environments, test runners, artifact hosting, and automated release processes.
  • Participate in the creation, management, and testing of the software’s business continuity and disaster recovery strategies.
  • Provide innovative and workable answers to issues, share them with others, and represent those ideas in infrastructure as code.
  • Work in an agile team and engage in all phases of the cloud infrastructure life cycle, including analysis, design, development, unit testing, code reviews, and deployment.
  • Create infrastructure prototypes and proof of concepts.
  • Make thoughtful choices about architecture and design.
  • assist in locating and analyzing flaws and inadequacies
  • As needed, carry out ad hoc work or special projects to assist ACA with a range of client and internal activities.

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